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[laughter] craig: don't you be coming here with your cameras. looking at us. we're folks that live in the dark. right, geoff? geoff: that's right. craig: dark for dark business, i says. dark for dark businesses. me and geoff baggins here, we go looking for the precious. right, jop? geoff: that's right. craig: and when we find the precious, we're going to send it to the department of water and power. [laughter] you know who i think has got the precious? geoff: who has got the precious?
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craig: the bastard that makes himself invisible every time the uh-oh power goes off. [applause] right, geoff? geoff: right, craig. craig: be honest. do i have bad posture? geoff: you look perfectly straight to me. craig: this is the only time in the history of this show, it is so cold, i envy the horse. [applause] good night, everybody!
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. this is 9news now. no one saw this one coming, and tonight washington is trying to figure it out. legendary four star general david patraeus has admitted to an extramarital affair and has resigned as director of the cia.
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the fbi had begun an investigation of the affair. >> patraeus calmed his unbehavior unacceptable for a cia director and he quit this afternoon. gary nurenberg is here on with what this all means. >> reporter: anita used the word legendary. patraeus wrote the book on how the cia conducted campaign. he changsd the wars in iraq and -- changed the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> he was revered. >> he's described by many as the most influential and the most important general of his generation. >> reporter: that was his legacy until friday when it was revealed the fbi had begun an investigation of e-mails he exchanged with 39-year-old journalist paula broadwell, the author of a book about him. patraeus called his behavior
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unacceptable and said after being married for 37 years i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. president obama accepted the -- he said he witches them the very best at this time. patraeus, a military phd changed the war in iraq and afghanistan. >> he's enormously important. >> reporter: usa military writer and author of the iraq book "a chance in hell" jim michael. >> he was foundering around in the early years of these wars, and he really helped set the strategy and the direction of the u.s. military in both those wars. >> reporter: presidents learned to trust his judgment and he lobbied for that cia director's job. >> i wanted this job. this is something that was not a month or two or three in the making.
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>> reporter: 14 months ago he got it being sworn in with his wife by his side. his deputy michael morell has been acting director of the cia. it's morell who will testify against congress next week on cia performance on libya where a raid killed three americans in september. used to having his every command followed during his days in the military, patraeus had a different culture among career officers. office erred trained not to carry out -- officers trained not to carry out commands. it is a very public fumble and a career of success after success. he had even been mentioned adds a president candidate. but even tonight when it comes to some important service role in the future, don't count him out. derek. >> well, petraeus is not the only one stepping down following on inappropriate relationship.
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today the future ceo of leckeed martin. they found out. asked for his job. he had been scheduled to become ceo in january. president obama is inviting congressional leaders to both parties from the white house. he wants to get them together and work on avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> at the time when our economy is still recovering from the great recession, our top priority has to be jobs and growth. >> economists say the country will be plunged into another recession if it goes over this cliff on january first. that's when bush era tax cuts expire unless the president and lawmakers agree on a new plan. any deal must include asking wealthiest americans to pay more taxes.
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house speaker john boehner disagrees. >> the problem with asking for more taxes is a lot of them are small business owners. >> they're asking from the middle class. most of them work on the more contentious issues at stake by the end of the year. the airport authority got an award nobody wants. the golden hammer for the week's worst government waste. and while it controls dulles and reagan airport, billions in federal money is spent. the journal talks about free football tickets they got, side jobs and one contact that went 1700% over budget. the washington garden also -- guardian also stunned because it awarded 2-thirds of its contracts without opening up for bid. president obama will travel to new york next week to check out the recovery efforts firsthand. and there he will meet with families, local officials and
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the first responders who have been dealing with the aftermath of super storm sandy and then the nor'easter. in new york alone, the damage could reach $33 billion. it was a pretty odd day for the folks that live there. not strange, just odd. you see, today gas rationing began and only people with license plates sending in an odd number are allowed to fill up. tomorrow it will be the even numbered people's turn. there are numerous stations closed because they don't have gasoline or electricity to pump it. and governor chris christie toured the damage looking over the sea side boardwalk. the governor said the owners want to rebuild and he is going to help them. christy reminisced about riding the rides there with his own daughters just a few months ago. and the archdiocese of washington is trying to help out victims of sandy. this morning students at saint andrew apostle catholic church and some other perishes were loading up a truck with clothes,
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towels and blankets. they will get canned food and fresh fruit. you can help the victims as well. just go to facebook page, like it. and for everybody that does, we will donate a dollar to the red cross sandy relief fund. new at 11:00, a new top cop sets a precedence next sunday. the department will have a new chief, the first female chief. she has served as deputy chief for the past five years. before that, are she served for 21 years with arlington county police. gavin will follow someone that was chief for 21 years. breaking news in prince george's county. a police officer is involved in a crash and rushed to the hospital along with another driver. it happened about 9:00 tonight at the intersection of branch avenue and dyson road in brandywine. you have a sky9 picture there. police tell us this was an
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unmarked police cruiser. it was responding to a call with its lights and sirens on. neither driver has suffered life-threatening injuries. the crash is being investigated. what if we told you meth could help fight the flu. we know methamphetamine can kill brain flu. meth treated cells had a lower concentration of the virus in them. researchers believe the study could help them find safe compounds of the drugs with virus fighting properties. still ahead on 9, a touching love story of two vietnam vets. an officer and a nurse who lead parallel lives until a phone call brings them together. also ahead, some say the republican party much change or die. why in this case change could be hard. top. >> high temperatures 58 today. still a little below average. here is a look at the wake up weather. it's going to be a chilly start
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no doubt. 35-44 by 8:00. and by 10:00, most folks will be back in the 50s. we'll come back and put the finishing touches on the weekend fore. all right. as we head into the break, here wh'so ecl oumi byb cese?
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'sheas -wh! lahi ] t'thtay 0%atal tt cesth - o tnkou ..oewhev yoreoi. inbabechse omheauinco ha y lgh tay en ttazi qsoreo th scyicofhitl r rh,rey st at35incari aed, ue eeo due eryasbi e ugngowhee. ha y lgh tay
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well, there are those who suggested the republican party is in dire straits following its losses in this week's presidential election. tonight derek says the gop's difficulties are almost certainly overestimated, but the party is in a perplexing predictment. >> most people remember when ronald reagan beat jimmy carter. they got 12 senate seats putting the kibosh on liberals.
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they knew they had to change or die. but it look a dozen years and a bill clinton to actually move them to the center. fast forward to 2012, and it is the gop that must change. reach out to latinos, african-americans, asians. there is two parties. you have the types that really do want smaller government, lower taxes, social issues, et cetera. but you also have the anti-immigrant hard liners and the hank williams and donald trumps of the world who say president obama is a muslim or wasn't really born here. these are the people mitt romney figured he couldn't afford to offend. but then let's be real, how do you expand the gop race. you need to be a welcome when there is a vocal segment of the very same base that doesn't really want those people around and you still need them too. anita. >> thanks, derek. veteran's day is almost here.
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we have a holiday weekend coming up. and tonight debora has the unlikely love story of two decorated army veterans who proved that sometimes love can be right in front of you but you just don't see it. >> this is -- >> i told her not to talk too much. >> he did. he really did. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: she is chatty, he's quiet. she's outgoing. he's -- >> he was a nerd. i shouldn't say that. >> reporter: they are night and day. but like night and day, they always meet in the middle. >> i keep telling him you have toll loosen up. >> reporter: but the meeting. >> we were in vietnam at the same time. and even though he visited the hospital, i never saw him. >> reporter: a love story between two veterans whose paths crossed in vietnam time and time again but they never knew. joyce johnson was an army nurse in vietnam. robert bowls an officer with the
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100th air force division. they lived parallel lines. he got divorced. she never married. years later friends told them they should meet. the phone call didn't go so well. >> he said how busy he is. how this is important and he has to do this and dada dada. i finally said, do you know what, when you have some time, you call me and we'll talk about it. he said, oh, no, don't hang up. wait a minute. >> it was dramatic. >> but that's the way it was. >> reporter: they married six months later. >> what year was this? >> 1982. >> reporter: as you can see, they did pretty well. these doctors may be different, but they share something similar. their memories can never erase. >> i remember some of the guys that got shipped out from my unit from my ward. you didn't know whether they were going to make it. and so those things you just don't really want to remember. >> we are very proud veterans and proud americans. >> reporter: at the end of the day, she still is light hearted.
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he is it still serious. an unlikely duo. it's more uneven than they thought on the first phone call. >> after awhile it's like, oh, who needs it. >> well, she needed to meet me. [ laughing ] >> she needed to meet me. and she may not say it, but she needed to -- i'm probably the best thing that ever happened to her [ laughing ] . >> that's what my mother said. >> it's true. >> reporter: really. >> yes. absolutely. >> reporter: 9news. >> oh, you can feel the love there. if you're looking for a way to honor all of our local veterans, consider donating money to a thanksgiving food basket. a donation feeds a family of six. for the 4th year in a row, wusa9 is proud to help with this effort. if you're interested, go to and click on the uso button on our home page and make the donation. every penny you donate stays right here in the dc metro area and helps veterans like them.
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>> very well worth it. >> uh-huh. good weekend coming up for veterans. >> great weekend. of course who can forget 1987 veterans day we had all of the snow. >> i don't have any trouble. >> we're letting it go. >> some of us like to hang op to that. [ laughing ] >> all i have, man. let's start with a live look outside. it is our live michael and son weather cam. high was 58. your average high is still 61. we're in the 40s. at least downtown. 45. dew point 35. so it's not going to get that cold tonight. remember, temperatures can't fall below the dew point unless we get some new kind of air blown in here, and that's not going to happen. winds light, pressure 30.23 and still rising a little bit. satellite picture radar combined, a pretty big storm in the rockies. in fact, we have blizzard warnings out for much of montana. and vengt eventually this snow will go down. we won't have to worry about it for a while, but we will have to get ready for a snow early next
1:54 am
week. in the meantime, we have clear skies. we're in great shape at this hour. all right. chilly start tomorrow. but a milder finish. and no winds to speak of. so it will feel warm, even though it will only be about 64. it could be warmer on sunday. both days are going to be great. no doubt about that. sunday will be the warmest of the three, and that will include monday in that as well. but even as we observe veteran's day on monday, it will still be warm. yes, we had to add a couple clouds, perhaps a shower late in the day. but still nice and warm. so overnight, clear skies. chilly. a one blanket night. 34 or 44. if you watch derek at 7:00 a one dog night as the case may be. by morning mostly sunny with a chilly start. mild by lunch time. temperatures in the 30s and 40s but near 60 by lunch time. light winds. and then by afternoon, what can we say? mostly sunny, milder. just beautiful. highs near 65. winds out of the south, southeast at about 10. all right. zone forecast. you can access this on our website 48 and sunshine tomorrow.
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58 in cumberland. hagerstown and martinsburg, winchester, you're all 60 or 61. 66 in culpeper. warrenton, leesburg, manassas, probably 64. and fairfax probably 64 as well. but downtown 65. mid 60s in through southern maryland. charles county, st. mary's county, 66 in annapolis, no small craft advisory for saturday. we might see one hoisted for sunday. mid 62 for gaithersburg. rockville, frederick on up 270. so we'll break it down for you. next three days, do you know what, green, green and green. 9 weather alerts, why would they be any cooler. milder tomorrow. 74 on sunday. some clouds on monday. maybe a shower before the day is out. but still a very nice day. next seven days, grab the umbrella for tuesday. that's the storm out west. rain and showers, cooler, temperatures in the mid 50s. and then in the wake of the storm, really quite nice. sunday shines. temps back in the mid to upper 50s wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. and, oh, by the way, next thursday will be a week from
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thanksgiving. don't forget about that. >> oh, so much to do. >> just eat out. [ laughing ] >> have a present for you there. you can go ahead and hold that one up. wusa9 jersey. we're giving away a jersey. all you have to do is log on to our facebook page and you'll be entered the win. the winner selected on the game and we're giving away rock and ray rice this week from the baltimore ravens. >> nice. >> i met this guy. the guy's arms are about as big as i am. >> he's 5'6". >> no doubt about that. >> we have stuff coming up tonight. you have to check out the sports cast. stay with us. one of our local college hoops teams and another one almost home.
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and now 9 sports with dave
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owens. >> so what does a game in november mean in college basketball's big picture. not much. but a nice more sell here on opening day. kentucky's john kalabare, five freshman out, five new in. year two of the turgeon general regime. there is a general barking out orders. what is ukrainian for dunk. that right there. 23-10. terps making a rally to cut it to one. gerald pullson a little silent ninja. final seconds howard desperation. desperation no. kentucky hanging on to win 72-69. and another good ball game tonight, the carrier classic aboard the uss baton. florida early on.
2:00 am
a little flush work inside. 27-23 at the half. but then some condensation in the second half. and they had to call the game because of safety. florida 27 georgetown 23. the game was stopped at half time. all right. back home. paul hewitt and george mason. brian allen the liquidator to the 10. he had 2. allen it's raining three. high arcing bomb. nba hoops, bucks, wizards nothing says friday night excitement like bucks and wizards. not. bradley beel his best game of had his young career. he had 22. bucks began the game down 12-0. it didn't matter. they outscored the wizards by 22. washington 0-4. coming up, playoff action in
2:01 am
high school football. we head to virginia and maryland for round one. somebody taking on lincoln and leesburg. stick around has ecl ou mi byb lhthee? h!ite acdrs et0 loe stsnk! awom wdeifheha tt msi! wchs zeweme inbabechse omheauinco veouauedod? insecrmyozrea thheederne fvo ofunri tats d si ty loes wge u' fe iul inve lt t. th lghg w ee. veouauedod?
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it's time for usa today high school sports presented by toyota. >> it's the oldest school in loudoun county against one of the newest one. wood grove opened in 2010. loudoun county began operating in 1954. the robbery, as you would expect, still being cultivated, but it's our game of the week. the raiders say we must protect this house. they're all jacked up. this is brad toko. take it to me one more time. loudoun county up 7-love. can you take it to the house. yes, you can. can you take it to the house? oh, yes, you can.
2:04 am
sweet run. 59 yards. 21-0 raiders. good for a score. and good enough to take your helmet off. shout loudoun proud, young man. so we've seen the air game. the run game. how about a little defense. michael rechro with the pick winning it 34-7, we're very pleased. the kids came out with a purpose. they worked extremely hard in practice. mistake-free football. i was very pleased with them. >> all right. virginia 3 a. how about those colors? pretty cool. they're all decked out in orange. it's a clockwork orange. osmond to the house. this was a close game, though. so you better call on langley. he's the money man. money man. langley moving on 21-14 in a close ball game tonight. all right. really good one in vienna. now, i'm going to tell you something right now. i'm going to warn you, the guy is going to g

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